Friday, October 16, 2015

Fake Degree Certificates vs Real Degrees The Work Involved

Though those who buy fake diplomas rarely use them in place of real degrees, taking a look at the difference between the work behind getting fake degree certificates and getting a real degree from an accredited university.

Real Diplomas

Most real diplomas take in between two and four years of taking classes in order to obtain. This usually means two to four years of living away from home, buying your own food, and paying for those classes. While many universities do offer a flat tuition, others require their students to pay by the class. On average, a student will spend around $80,000 on a college education, though some pay much, much more, especially if they want an advanced degree like a master’s or a doctorate.

Some students are lucky and are able to obtain scholarships that cover all or some of the cost of their tuition. Some student will even get a grant that covers the total cost of their education. However, most students still have to pay all or at least some of the cost of their education, and even with financial support from parents, the cost of getting a real degree can be crushing. The millennials, for example, the rising generation, are burdened with student debt the likes of which the economy has never seen before, as getting an education is becoming more expensive and there are fewer scholarships and grants to go around.

Fake Degree Certificates

Contrasted with the cost for those that buy fake diplomas or buy fake transcripts, the cost of a real degree, with a real transcript, is astronomical. For a relatively nominal fee, you can get a degree that look very real, with the right seals and signatures, but that required only a tiny fraction of the work and effort that getting an education does.

That doesn’t mean that fake degree certificates have no meaning, however. Often, someone will buy fake diplomas in order to signify achievement in a sphere of their life that is not well represented by academia, whether that skill is drinking or something more substantial like raising children. Though the cost and the work behind actually making fake degree certificates might be much less than a real degree, they can actually represent the same amount of work, depending on what the fake degree is for.